Livia Kojo Alour is an award winning Nigerian – German-born poet, musician and theatre maker based in London. Her solo show Black Sheep rose to critical acclaim at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2022. The show was awarded several rounds of public funding by the Arts Council England and the Birds of Paradise Award for Exceptional Theatre. Livia is the author of Rising of the Black Sheep, a daring memoir style poetry collection published by Polari Press London. She also has a 10 year touring career as sword swallower under her belt. During this time she won several awards with different companies and performed a residency in Las Vegas. Her minimalist art piece the Female Sword Swallower’s Moon Calendar has been touring museums in Europe since 2019. In 2017 Livia held an inspirational TEDx talk about her life threatening sword accident and overcoming fear. As a musician she combines vocals and spoken word in a unique way to address cultural issues and tell her personal stories. She is currently working on her first album. Livia’s show Black Sheep is scheduled for a second U.K. tour in autumn 2023 followed by a concert Europe tour as the supporting artist to Anne Clark

Notable achievements:

🏆 Birds of Paradise Exceptional Theatre Award 2022 for ‘Black Sheep’ 

🏆 Arts Council England Award for Black Sheep 2022

🏆 ONCA Award winner 22 with Showwomen show

🏆 Arts Council England Award for Black Sheep 2020

🏆 Voted No. 1 ‘Most influential performer / industry figure in Europe 2018 21st Century open vote

🏆 Voted No. 21 ‘Most influential Performer world wide 2018 , 21st Century open vote

🏆 First sword swallower initiated to The Hall of Fame Las Vegas 2018

🏆 Speaker on TEDx Germany 2017

🏆 Award winner ‘Pic of Fringe’ with ‘Fuego Carnal’, Adelaide Fringe, Australia 2017

🏆 Award winner ‘Pic of Fringe’ with ‘The Little Death Club’ Adelaide, Australia 2017